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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

The Role of the Personal Injury Lawyer

Some may say that insurance companies rely on injured people not knowing their legal rights. Insurers save money when people either do not pursue claims, or pursue claims without legal representation. Anyone who has been injured should always seek to obtain good legal advice. At Verbanac Law Firm, we strive to provide good legal advice to our clients.

Unfortunately the legal profession, fuelled by media exaggeration, is often tainted unfairly with an unsavoury reputation. Yet most clients are very happy with their individual lawyers, because they know that it is their lawyer who is protecting and looking out for their interests. A good lawyer strongly advances his client's interests; firstly, because that is his job, and his professional obligation; but secondly, because advancing his clients interests is in the lawyer's own self-interest. Obtaining a good result for a client is how the lawyer is paid, and it is how the lawyer develops his reputation, and increases his clientele. 



Currently, all people hurt in an accident in Ontario are entitled to no fault benefits for loss of income and medial/rehabilitation benefits, regardless of who is at fault for the accident. There are a complicated series of rules and regulations governing these entitlements. A good lawyer will assist in determining your rights, and in asserting your claims if the insurer denies your entitlement to benefits. 

At Verbanac Law Firm, we have always acted for injured persons and successfully handled hundreds of cases for injured persons.

Many people wrongfully assume that "no fault" means they cannot sue the "at fault" driver (who will have insurance) for their pain and suffering and loss of income arising from a motor vehicle accident. Although reforms in the law have restricted the right to sue, your rights have not been completely eliminated. A good lawyer will assist you in determining whether your injuries are such as to entitle you to compensation from the "at fault" driver's insurer.


Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall is the commonly used when an individual is made to fall to the ground. Although a Slip and Fall might occur due to a trip or for any other reason rather than a slip, it is still referred to as a Slip and Fall.

A Slip and Fall accident can happen in many ways and in any location, whether it be on a sidewalk, in a grocery store, a parking lot, in somebody’s home or on their property.

The owner of any property you enter onto has a duty to keep the premises safe. If you fall because of ice, snow, a pool of water, debris, poor maintenance, poor lighting or any other kind of hazards you likely have a claim.

IMPORTANT: There are notification considerations with this type of case.  Therefore, it is strongly advised that you contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following a Slip and Fall to ensure that your legal rights are preserved.


In recent years there have been frequent media reports of vicious attacks by dogs. These innocent injured persons are entitled to compensation for scarring, lost wages, out of pocket expenses, and pain and suffering resulting from such attacks. 

The Dog Owners Liability Act can be used to sue dog owners. It is not necessary to prove any negligence on the part of the dog owner. This is a strict liability statute, which renders the dog owner liable for all of the damages resulting from the dog bite, without having to prove fault or negligence by the dog owner. If you are the victim of a dog bite or attack, you are always entitled to compensation. 

In these situations, the Court determines the appropriate amount as cost for damages. Often dog owners will have a liability insurance policy, which will provide compensation to innocent victims, and may enable your lawyer to obtain an early settlement of your claim. 

Any award of damages is subject to a reduction which the Court may deem appropriate if it determines that there was some fault or negligence on the part of the Plaintiff which caused or contributed to his or her damages. 


Boating accidents, airplane crashes, slip and falls, shootings, claims against bars and taverns for the actions of intoxicated patrons (such as drunk drivers or otherwise), medical errors, and injuries cause by food and other products, are other examples of personal injury claims. In such claims, a good lawyer can protect a client's interests by asserting his/her rights and pursuing a claim against an insurance company. Verbanac Law Firm has the lawyers with the experience necessary to handle such cases and we have successfully represented injured persons in all types of accidents with all types of injuries, both physical and psychological.

Know your rights. Seek the advice of an experienced lawyer practising in the field of personal injury litigation. Every injured person should seek and obtain good legal advice.


Many sick and injured people are insured under a disability policy, and yet the insurance company will not pay the benefits that are due to these unfortunate claimants when the need arises. Verbanac Law Firm has had many such clients desperate for money, unable to pay for their housing, food and clothing for themselves, and their families. It is our job, while working with the client's doctors, to present to the insurer, and ultimately to the Court, evidence of disability as defined in the insurance policy. 

Many people entitled to benefits do not pursue their claims. Insurance companies profit from claims not pursued. This is unfair, and the lawyers at Verbanac Law Firm will obtain for our clients any benefits to which they are entitled. 


At Verbanac Law Firm, we have extensive litigation experience which allows us to represent individuals who are being treated unfairly by their own insurers. We have handled all types of insurance disputes. We have handled hundreds of cases involving fire losses, life insurance claims, personal injury claims, critical illness claims, and property damage. We have litigated a wide arrange of coverage disputes, involving policy exclusions and other insurance issues. At Verbanac Law Firm we have the experience and tenacity to successfully take on the insurers to obtain clients the compensation due to them.


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